Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned RV, or you want to get the RV repairs and parts you need, you will find that there is a good selection of RVs available from a retailer near you.
Steel roof truss system

During construction, steel roof truss systems are used in a variety of buildings. They are particularly useful for buildings with a long span, such as sports stadia, airport terminals, and aircraft hangers. They are also used in industrial workshop-type buildings. Generally, the truss provides a column-free space, which can allow maximum benefits from natural lighting.

The most common type of truss is the fink truss, which is a web configuration that looks like a W. It offers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. It can also be subdivided into shorter elements.

Another truss, the Warren truss, is a popular choice for long span buildings. It has no torsional forces and provides a good combination of strength and economy of materials. It consists of longitudinal members joined by angled cross-members. It can vary in length from twenty to hundred meters.
Easy-Flow Air Distribution system

Having an Easy-Flow Air Distribution system for your RV is a great way to increase airflow, reduce air friction and allergens, and provide a well-balanced A/C system throughout your coach. This is a specially designed module, which provides a positive pressurized flow of fresh air through the roof.

The system has a number of components. The most important is the patented Easy-Flow Air Distribution System. This system uses an air pressure differential to distribute A/C throughout the coach. It was invented by a passionate RV enthusiast, who has more than 30 years of experience in the appliance industry.

The system is unique in that it uses a specially designed module, which was specifically engineered to operate at its maximum capacity. It was also designed to direct air into duct work.
Steel cage construction

Using steel cage construction in motorhomes is an option that many buyers are unfamiliar with. These motorhomes offer superior construction and durability. The steel cage provides rigid support while reducing flex. Steel cage construction is typically found in high-end motorhomes.

The NeXus RV Rebel line features steel cage construction and is backed by a 12-year structural warranty. These motorhomes are built on International CV(tm) Series truck chassis. These chassis are known for their 22,000-pound GVWR and best-in-class torque. The Rebel line is built with a 350-HP 6.6L Turbocharged V8.

The NeXus product line uses Azdel composite substrates, which are 50% lighter than wood. These substrates also provide improved R-values and prevent mold and moisture from forming. Happy Camper Buyer conducted a study are not harvested from the rain forest and are formaldehyde-free.
A wood-based RV insulation

Choosing the best RV insulation for your Nexus RV is an important decision. There are many different types of insulation that are available. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Before you decide on a new RV insulation, you should consider what your goals are and how you intend to use the RV. Using an RV insulation that is suited for your RV’s humidity level and favorite travel destinations will ensure that you and your family are comfortable.

If you are planning to drive your RV to locations where temperatures are above freezing, you may want to consider adding rigid foam insulation. Rigid foam has a higher R-Value than spray foam. It can also be cut to fit any space. Rigid foam can last for years without losing its quality. However, rigid foam can be expensive to install.
Retailer offering a large inventory of new & pre-owned RVs

Whether you’re looking for a new or used RV, you can find the perfect RV for your family at Skyline RV. This retailer offers a wide selection of RVs at great prices. This family-owned business also offers mechanical services, technical support, and a full selection of RV parts. You can also find a wide selection of travel trailers and fifth wheels. The sales team can help you find the right RV for your family.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, luxury RV, you may want to consider a Thor Motor Coach. The company has 26 models of luxury motor homes available. This includes the Hurricane, Miramar, and Challenger. This luxury motor home brand is a part of the REV Group, a company that also produces fire and safety vehicles.

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