Are Del Aria Team real estate agents in Fairfax VA contracts binding in Virginia? In Virginia, the Residential Contract of Purchase (RCOP) is the primary legal agreement between the buyer and seller. Buyers and sellers may modify this contract. It is important to understand what the terms of this contract are so you can avoid getting into legal trouble later. A typical RCOP will contain provisions about commissions and other fees. Moreover, it will also include any other conditions for the services of real estate agents.


In order to avoid pitfalls, FSBO sellers should sign a contract that specifically states “for sale by owner.” While most contracts will state that possession is to take place at closing, FSBOs may be obligated to take possession 30 days later. This is a common mistake that can be avoided with the help of a sample contract found on It’s also possible to obtain a free copy of a real estate agent contract by visiting wikiHow.

One of the primary benefits of selling your home without a real estate agent is the savings. You can save several thousand dollars by selling your home yourself, and you’ll avoid paying a real estate agent commission. However, this can cost you more in the long run. A seller can make costly mistakes in pricing or marketing the home themselves. Depending on the circumstances, this could cost the seller thousands of dollars. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of selling your home without an agent.

FSBO sellers often fail to disclose information about the property. These sellers often overprice their homes, not disclosing important details that would make the sale less than ideal. They may not disclose roof damage or other major problems, which can affect the price or speed of the sale. Homeowners may also not know much about the home-buying process and are more likely to overprice the property. In addition, a buyer may not know the property’s value or its neighborhood.


The standard NVAR contract contains several contingency clauses. These clauses allow the buyer to back out of the contract in certain circumstances, such as a lack of financing or a home appraisal below the purchase price. Other contingencies include the property being damaged or the seller failing to provide a clear title. Real estate agents Fairfax  VA attorneys can provide valuable insight on these clauses and how to avoid them. This article discusses some common scenarios that make real estate agent contracts binding.

NVAR contract

A standard NVAR contract will have several contingency clauses or certain things that can make the transaction less favorable to the seller. A financing contingency gives the buyer the right to back out of the contract if he or she is unable to obtain a conventional loan, the appraised value of the home is lower than the purchase price, or the seller does not have a clear title to the property.

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